Scientists have invented a hearing aid for lip-reading

Ученые придумали слуховой аппарат для чтения по губам

Modern hearing AIDS though, and allow people with hearing impairment to hear others, but still have their drawbacks. In particular, they do not provide clear sound in noisy rooms with multiple people. Researchers from Sunskogo Jiaotong-Liverpool figured out how to solve this problem. They proposed to equip the vehicles with cameras and a system that is able to read lips and to remove unnecessary sounds.

Today’s hearing AIDS are able to filter noise, but to the perfection it is still far. Head of research group Andrew Abel explained that in communication people do not only rely on the sound and pay attention to facial expressions and hand movements. This fact inspired the team to create machine with the function of lip reading.

When communicating, we look at the person that is always in some degree read lips. So far, we could not include this feature in the hearing aid technology, but we intend to change that.

It is expected that the future system will monitor the facial expressions of the interlocutor with the help of a small camera. The locking lip movements of the person, technology can increase the frequency with which the man says opposite. External noise will be muffled, and the algorithm will filter various types of noises, depending on home’s, office or noisy cafe.

Слуховой аппарат для чтения по губам

At the moment, the algorithm is able to recognize open and closed mouth, and also its width. He works for different people and requires a minimum of energy possible to operate the system will require only small batteries.

Scientists are also developing technology to return people’s sense of smell. To do this, they plan to use the unit working on the nerve endings of the charge current.

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