Scientists have learned how to create a pill from obesity

We all know that as a “safety stock” in our body has fat tissue. However, this same fabric we have as many as 2 types: the so-called white fat and brown fat. If the first is those very fat, which preserve the nutrients, the second is just involved in the burning of calories and energy production. And a group of researchers from Cambridge University have found a way to increase the efficiency of weight reduction by using just one substance.

You will understand a little more how it works. And white and brown fat cells stored by adipocytes. But the adipocytes of brown fat is much more rich in mitochondria. They are so numerous that at full activation a total of 100 grams of brown fat may burn up to 3400 calories a day (and it’s even more than the recommended daily intake for most people). The only problem is that brown fat in our body is very small, and that there must be something to activate. There are, of course, one “natural” way is to put people in the cold. Due to this, bears and hibernate and survive the winter. But they have a lot of brown fat, in humans its not just a little: with age the amount of brown fat is reduced to absolutely insignificant indicators.

In 2012, the team, led by Professor Tony Puig from the University of Cambridge, has identified a molecule BMP8b, which regulates the activation of brown fat in the brain and in the tissues of the body. Scientists have shown that deleting the gene in mice that produces this protein stopped functioning brown fat.

According to new data published in the journal Nature Communications, a team of researchers after 6 years have proven that the increase in the number of BMP8b in the blood speeds up the production of brown fat. This suggests that BMP8b could potentially be used to increase the amount of brown fat and activate it. As explained by the author, Tony Puig,

“There have been many studies that have discovered a molecule that contribute to the development of brown fat but just increase its quantity nothing. It needs to be included. It’s like take out the liter engine from the car and insert in its place a two-liter. Theoretically, the car can go faster, but if you only have a tiny fuel pipe is not very useful. Figuratively speaking, BMP8b and increases the size of the engine and improves the fuel system.”

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