Scientists have shown what happens when a drone will collide with the plane

A team of scientists from the research Institute of the University of Daytona has created a video, which showed what can happen with the aircraft when it collides with an unmanned aerial vehicle, or simply a drone. The results of the study were presented, along with a video at the academic summit this year. Because of the huge difference in size between the small civilian drones and commercial airplanes, many people think that the clash between them will be weak. But the researchers show that it is not. They conducted a practical experiment, exploring such a threat — when birds collide with aircraft. Their findings are used by the designers of aircraft.

Noting that the bird could break the window and cause damage in the cockpit or damage the engines, scientists wondered what might happen with the drone. To do this, they worked with the team in the National training and certification centre UAC Sinclair College. Together the two groups created a single-engine Mooney M20 wing on the ground and then launched him with a drone at speed close to the speed of an airplane. It is, in fact, simulated the collision of a drone with the plane.

Video created by the team clearly shows the danger of such collision. Instead of falling apart, or beautiful bounce to explode the drone pierces the covering of the wing and its internal parts, causing damage — even more damage than can cause a shot of the big bird. Moreover, it resulted in damage to the main spar — the internal structure of the wings, which carries the weight of the aircraft. A damaged side rail may cause the crash. The video also shows what could happen if the blow fell on the cab, not the wing.

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