Scientists improved the technology for tracking large fish and the analysis of seawater

For some people it may seem surprising that some fish floating in the seas and oceans, equipped with electronic sensors. For example, using a device called a Marine Skin, the researchers can monitor the temperature and salinity at different depths of the seas, and it does not require the services of divers. Recently, engineers from the Scientific-technological University named after king Abdullah improved the technology by adding a number of innovations.


The previous version of the device was attached to the bodies of sharks and whales, and consisted of non-toxic materials and flexible electronic components. The new version also does not harm marine life, but it was much smaller — it can be mounted on smaller fish. The design includes a standard set of sensors, the memory module and the battery type is “tablet”, a charge which is enough for a year of work.

Unlike the original version, the new product provides a 15-fold sensitivity, capable of operating at depths of up to 2 kilometers and withstand 10000 cycles of extreme flexion. The device is attached to the bodies of game fish — unfortunately, to obtain real-time data possible, so they are only read after repeated catches.

 Marine Skin

The development team is already working on the next version of Marine Skin. They plan to expand the amount of data collected and allow the device to monitor the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the movement of aquatic life.

The study of the underwater world — the difficult but extremely interesting task. Recently scientists found out that white sharks are able to withstand even high contents of heavy metals in the blood, and also that they have bloodthirsty enemies.

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