Scientists observe a strange cloud on Mars

For more than a month, the spacecraft of the European space Agency observes a strange cloud-like plume located above the surface of the red planet. Scientists say that the location of the cloud does not change from 13 September – it is always over the top of the mountain Arsiya (former volcano), which is located near the equator of the planet. However, as noted by researchers from ESA, it’s just a coincidence. The reason for the formation of clouds is volcanic activity, since according to planetary scientists, she stopped on the red planet 50 million years ago. Then, what is it?

The website of the European space Agency reports that the same orbital space probe (on Mars Express), as well as its predecessors have already noted the presence of similar clouds at least three times. While the cloud has appeared above the surface at the same time of the Martian year. And this is no coincidence, according to the ESA.

In this composite image frames which were received by the spacecraft Mars Express, over Martian geological formation is seen a strange cloud.

A cloud contains water ice, goes on to explain the ESA, and according to scientists, was formed as a result of the movement of air masses along the old Martian volcano. Researchers believe that the observed object is the result of orographic clouds — a phenomenon associated with overcoming air masses of hills to the mountainous terrain, resulting in the formation of various forms of lenticular clouds. At the intersection of air flow mountain range leeward waves are formed. In ascending flows are formed in the cloud and cloudless periods are formed downward flows.

This image of a strange cloud in the visible and infrared spectra (the object in the lower left corner of the image) was obtained by the other science instrument spacecraft Mars Express 17 Sep

The picture clouds was obtained on 21 September

Scientists who are watching the cloud, noted that it increases in the morning Martian hours, stronger stretching along the equator. It is possible that the size of the clouds also affects the dust still present in the Martian atmosphere and the remainder with the past global Martian dust storm, which, by the way, most likely, killed Mars Rover “opportunity” space Agency NASA. According to recent information, the people involved in the mission of the Mars Rover, not to hope for his recovery.

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