Scientists reveal daily dose of health to aspirin.. the benefits are amazing

Prescribed aspirin drug wonder, emphasizing many of the studies that addressed on a daily basis benefit the health of the body, but confusion related to wholesale occasion, which differ from person to person, so what do the scientists say?!

According to another study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford British, the daily dose of aspirin should depend on the weight of the body.

He tells the researchers that the main problem in aspirin is due to the concept that “one size fits all”, which is not true scientifically, it has been shown that this strategy is not effective, and may sometimes lead to the harm exceeds the benefit, researchers concluded that after hundreds of trials on aspirin in the prevention of vascular disease.

Says Professor Peter rothwell, from the Department of Nuffield at Oxford University, that people with brown and two big (and they are men mostly) need a higher dose of the women and the elderly to get benefits of aspirin, which include the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Linking the study of Oxford between body weight and daily dose of aspirin, and she said that the doctors alone to determine the appropriate dosage for each person according to his body, and the daily dose that is administered the British and Europeans (75 to 100 mg) may be insufficient for larger objects, while the daily dose of abused Americans of aspirin (325 mg) is considered a high dose very objects a little.

Researchers recommended conducting more research to determine whether it should be included doses of aspirin right time in the learning processes of routine health care.

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