Scientists suspected phonons in the possession of the mass and… negative gravity

Three physicists at Columbia University have made a splash with his new theory of the phonons, they assume that these particles can have negative mass and therefore negative gravity. Angelo Esposito, Rafael Krichevsky and Alberto Nicolis wrote an article in support of his theory and unloaded it to the server arXiv preprints.

Most theories depict sound waves rather as a collective event, rather than as a physical thing. Consider them as the movement of molecules, running across each other, like balls on a billiard table — the energy of one ball, knocking the next, and so on — when any movement in one direction kompensiruet movement in the opposite direction. In this model, the sound has no mass and therefore cannot be affected by gravity. But it’s not the whole story. In their work, scientists have suggested that the modern theory does not fully explain all that is observed.

Sound has mass?

In recent years, physicists have come up with a word that describes the behavior of sound waves in a very small scale — the photon. He describes the complex way of interaction of acoustic vibrations with molecules through which sound is spread. This term was useful because it allowed us to apply the principles for the sound that had been applied previously to real particles. But no one imagined that the sound is actually represented by the particle-phonons, and therefore the mass they had. In the new work, the researchers admitted that the phonon can have a negative mass and therefore negative gravity.

To understand how this is possible, the researchers used a container with liquid as an example. In the bowl of water particle of water is denser at the bottom of the Cup than the ones upstairs because gravity pulls them down. But also know that sound moves faster in more dense material. What happens to the photon when it collides with this discrepancy? Scientists have suggested that it will be deflected upward, showing the properties of negative gravity. They also suggested that the same would be true for the sound in the air around us, which it will grow. Now these clues are too small to be measured with the proper equipment, but once improvements in technology can allow to test this theory.

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