Scientists think that the moon has much more water than previously thought. Flights to Mars to be!

Today almost no doubt that the moon may have water reserves in the form of ice. In particular, water may be in the craters of the South pole of the moon from the fact that they are constantly in the shade. However, a group of researchers from the University of California found evidence that the moon may be much more ice than previously thought. This opens up huge opportunities for the construction of lunar bases and organization of a flight to Mars.

Is there water on the moon

Using the data obtained with telescopes of the Arecibo Observatory, as well as information collected by the spacecraft, NASA Messenger, scientists have found evidence in favor of the presence of ice on mercury. On Board the spacecraft Messenger was a device to measure the height of the terrain. Using the tool it became clear that craters on the planet are significantly less deep closer to its poles located in the shade. Scientists have linked it with a possible accumulation drop down into the sediment substances, including water which could form ice deposits.

But where is the Moon? The fact is that, if I may say so, the way to the Sun at two celestial bodies are very similar. And despite the fact that mercury is the center of our solar system are much closer, due to the lack of atmosphere (like the moon) the surface temperature of the planet in more shaded areas is much lower. These areas include the South pole of mercury and the moon. And if in the field the South pole of the first planet of the solar system can be a lot of ice, why the structure of the earth the satellite has to be different?

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Further, the experts examined 12 000 lunar craters near the South pole. It turned out that most of the craters there were indications that they consist of thick ice deposits. According to preliminary calculations, these craters can be up to 100 million cubic tons of ice, which is twice the figure, based on data from previous studies.

Space base on the moon

In fact, the presence of ice on the moon will allow us to make quite a lot. The main advantage of this is, of course, that ice to get water. And this will come in handy in future missions not just to the water to drink. Water, as we know, contains in its composition one atom of oxygen and, more importantly, two atoms of hydrogen. This chemical element can be used for the production of hydrogen fuel. This means that a lunar base will provide huge amounts of clean energy. And similar projects for the extraction of energy from water already exist.

What’s more, hydrogen fuel can be used for the organization of space flights. Thus the Moon could be a launching pad for flight to other objects in our Solar system. For example, so expect a lot of mission to Mars.

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