Scientists were able to transfer the virtual human odors

Thanks to the development of virtual reality and associated technologies we can simulate being in a virtual space, the touch, the feeling of volume and weight of virtual items and so on. However, the sense of smell in this process is not used, and the smells, meanwhile, play a very important role in our lives. But recently a group of researchers from the international organization IEEE for the first time managed to convey the virtual human odors.

On a new development, the newspaper writes TechCrunch. Experts from IEEE (Institute of electrical and electronics engineers) has been able to achieve this task through stimulation of the olfactory receptors.

Experimental setup to test the transmission of odors

In fact, the experiment from outside looked not very aesthetically pleasing and some of the participants, according to scientists, giving the preliminary consent after find out what you need to do in the course of the experience refused to the event. To implement the plan, people were inserted in the nose of a special probe with a camera and electrodes on the end. These electrodes stimulated the olfactory area by a current of varying intensity and frequency. In the end, the method proved its effectiveness: participants often described that I feel scents like the flavors of fruit, sweets, grilled meat and wood.

Stimulation of olfactory zones in the course of the experiment

Of course, this approach is very inconvenient in daily use and is unlikely to in the near future we get devices with tubes that we insert in your nose. However, it turned out that this method works, so now need to find out whether it is possible to achieve the same results without causing people discomfort. In addition, the new method could help patients suffering from disorders of smell, once again begin to smell.

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