Score – game general information and memories in the Arabic language to implement the mental capacity, free for Android!

Score is a game containing many competitions and exercises of various types to test the general knowledge and improving the intellectual abilities and knowledge, which is coming to you from the winners of the MIT for the best Arab project.


Existing games within the game score:

1. The game crossword puzzle.
2. Discover the ideals
3. Guess the word or words in Arabic.
4. Complete the House of the people.
5. Solving word scatter.
6. Figure out a brief explanation to the words in Arabic.

لعبة درجة

How to play:

This game takes you on a journey around the Arab countries and their regions by answering the questions about general information. Before
Begin your journey, you should choose the person that loved her to begin with you a journey of knowledge and tolerance.

درجة - لعبة معلومات وذكاء باللغة العربية لتنمية القدرات الذهنية، مجانية للأندرويد!Degree

Then move to the first country, and in every country you will die in 10 regions or famous cities. Within each area there are 8 degrees, and all
The degree in which question intelligence test, general information and lots of exercises. If you encounter difficulty in one of the attempts to get aid from the game to bypass that stage.


  • Works on Android devices.
  • The operating system appropriate: Android 4.1 and newer.
  • Size: 16 MB.

Download on Android devices and tablets :

Coder: Laymoon

Price : free

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