Scotland is preparing to launch a space rocket made in three-dimensional printing

Use the company “Orbex” Orbex, for the manufacture of rocket, to launch a space rocket from its base in the new headquarters, in Murray, the industry has been the engine of his rocket with three-dimensional printing 3D Printing.

The company said it identified a 2021 launch the space, which is considered the engine the largest engine made by three-dimensional printing at all.

And “Orbex” engine rocket as a single piece without any connectors, that means it’s stronger and less prone to the weaknesses in the links and seams, which suffered a rocket motor similar.

The construction of the rocket the same alloy, carbon fiber, aluminum, light weight, and that carries a pilot campaign for a company, Surrey Satellite Technology LTD.

Designed “Orbex” engine rocket for the fuel to propane life, which is a source of renewable energy, and cleaner than most types of rocket fuel, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions resulting from the firing of rockets into space.

Established “Orbex” their new base to design, build and launch its missiles innovative on an area of 2000 square meters, at its headquarters in north-east Scotland, a facility that will provide 130 jobs in the region.

He commended the minister of innovation, Scottish, Ivan McKee, the facility “Orbex” New, describing it to the great development in the space sector in Scotland, which adds to the ambitions of Scotland in its plan to host the first launch facilities, orbital in Europe, which includes the construction, launch and operation of satellites there.

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