Screen Alienware 4K OLED the size of a 55-inch releases to the markets in the last quarter of 2019

Confirmed Dell is officially on its plans to launch a gaming monitor Alienware 4K OLED size of 55 inch, in the range of the markets during the last quarter of 2019.

Was Dell has revealed for the first time on the screen by custom gaming Alienware 4K OLED display size of 55 inches, which supports a refresh rate of 120Hz during the CES conference at the beginning of this year, only that some predictions indicated that the screen of a prototype may not move to the house on the market.

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The comments came Dell first to confirm that the screen of the Alienware 4K OLED officially launches to the markets in the second half of 2019, despite some leaks published in the E3 via WCCFTech, which indicated that the screen is still a model for us moving to production and in the markets, however, Dell has confirmed categorically today that the screen of the Alienware 4K OLED representative of the size of the 55-inch will launch in some markets in the last quarter of 2019.

As indicated by Dell in her recent remarks to that screen Alienware 4K OLED developed to support users in the games and also with the controllers in different games.

Recall that Dell did not disclose a specific date for the launch screen to the markets, it also noted its plans to display the screen during the events of Gamescom in August, it is expected that the Dell offers more details on the screen during the event.


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