Screen Galaxy Fold learn to break after only one day

Published one of the users of the Galaxy Fold images confirm know the phone break after the experience of the phone for one day only, without including the main reason to break the screen quickly.

My Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after just a day

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Samsung presents some of the units to be previewed by some users to improve the efficiency of design standards and a possible versions, the case is no different with the Galaxy Fold, where some users began to conduct tests of the traditional implementation of the possible versions of smart phones to assess the performance and design of these versions, the Galaxy Fold never skips one day of tests traditional.

Has indicated the user that he began to test the efficiency of the design of the phone by opening and closing the screen most of the time, and store the phone in a pocket, with some of the procedures conventional in the preview of the phone, however the phone screen to know to break suddenly on the first day, without showing the obvious reason for this break.

The appearance of the ice in the screen of the Samsung foldable is an unexpected surprise, particularly with the level of the price of the phone associated with that up to 1980 Dlawer, where you can not expect the appearance of this defect in the folding screen flexible.

By the last warning Samsung users junk phone remove the layer of protection your company has made Samsung a new unit to be previewed by the user, as the company operates in the current time on control of the reason that led to the breakage of the screen.

Also not related to the screen of the Galaxy Fold to break in only one unit from units under the preview, but some other units have faced some of the problems that have been reported also during the preview, with the publication of Steve Kovach is a video showing the defect, which appeared in the phone screen during the preview.

Also from Bloomberg published Mark Gurman video clip also reveals the break in the screen, only that he had removed the protective layer of the screen, as he stressed the last to peel off the screen resulting in replacement of the unit with a new one for the preview, so you may include versions that will provide users a warning not to remove the protection layer in the screen after the emergence of this problem in more than one screen in units of the preview.

Recall that the breakage or scratch the screen in smart phones possible is one of the flaws of the traditional that may appear in the units of inspection, except that the appearance of this problem with the Galaxy Fold which comes with a folding is certainly one of the disadvantages of the gas acceptable in the version of the Samsung.


I know of

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