Screen Predator CG437K P’s latest screen for games from Acer the size of a 43 inch refresh rate its 144Hz refresh rate

The latest screen source Games provided by Acer during the events of the conference final, where the screen comes Predator CG437K P size 43 inch refresh rate of the tire its 144Hz refresh rate.

Acer- giant 43-inch gaming monitor

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Revealed Acer screen Predator CG437K P specifically designed to support users of the players, which supports technology AdaptiveSync games, case, and slip at a starting price of $ 1200, as come screen CG437K P the size of 43 inches, the display accuracy of 4K UHD or HD display 3840 2160 pixels, with a refresh rate of frames its 144Hz refresh rate .

How come the screen of the Predator CG437K P ports HDMI, with USB port C, and DisplayPort, and also features the screen sensor to adjust the lighting automatically according to the player lighting the ocean in the room, to the side of the sensor to the proximity which activates the screen when you get close, or close the screen when you are away user, the display also comes with a remote control.

It is estimated that the available screen Predator CG437K P during the month of September in both the United States market, Middle East and Africa, to be available at a starting price of 1299 USD or 1499 Euros.


I know of

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