Screen the Samsung curved technology, QLED with Thunderbolt ™ Port 3 is now available for purchase


When it comes to the modern, they are still mostly rely on the HDMI to connect them with the personal computers. We’ve seen some efforts by some companies to bring more of the screens that rely on a separate Thunderbolt 3, such as the screen of the LG UltraFine from the company LG, but honestly there’s not a lot of them at the moment, not to mention those curved.

However, if you are looking for a curved screen include a port Thunderbolt 3, You may be happy to know that Samsung has finally launched the screen by the curved Samsung CJ79 QLED Curved and Samsung CJ89 QLED Curved not announced in CES CES 2018, which was held earlier this year in Las Vegas, USA. Has Samsung announced that these screens are available now in Europe and will become available for purchase globally soon, but the company did not reveal any information about price yet.

Tell Samsung that this screen is the first screen QLED curved with a Thunderbolt ™ Port 3 in the world. In case you haven’t heard about the port Thunderbolt 3, It provides a processing speed of up to 40 gigabits per second, this means that it is faster by about four times from USB ports alternative allowing users to enjoy the call to the extremely fast between the screen and peripherals such as computers, Mac, laptops with USB Type-C, and other accessories designed for personal computers such as external storage drives or cards graphics external.


What this means is that if you have a laptop, you can theoretically keep it running while plugged with the screen at the same time, thus reducing the need for an additional cable, as well as the use of plug-in power an additional use for something else. If this sounds familiar, it’s because LG company in the year 2016 the issuing of two screens of the model UltraFine computers MacBook modern abandoned connector MagSafe for USB-C port/Thunderbolt.

The difference between the two screens Samsung CJ79 QLED Curved and Samsung CJ89 QLED Curved lies in the size, the first has the size of 34 inches, while a second screen size of 43 inches or 49 inches. It should be noted that the first screen extends up to an update reaches 100Hz, while the second screen rate update reaches the 120HZ version of the 43 inch and its 144hz refresh rate in version 49-inch.

Anyway, come both monitors with speakers Built in, and also two regions of Thunderbolt 3 along with the port, one HDMI, and some USB ports. As has been already mentioned, but Samsung didn’t reveal to us yet about the prices of these screens.



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