ScreenHive is a new digital wellbeing app for Android

ScreenHive is one of the new digital wellbeing apps for Android

Google and Apple have implemented a policy of reducing addiction to browsing the phone through digital wellbeing tools in its Android and iOS system, and it did not stop there, as both companies, specifically Google, have intensified their interest in these virtual tools, however, there is a bunch of third-party applications that can Hire it like ScreenHive.

ScreenHive is the newest digital wellbeing app available exclusively for Android users, and it can be defined as a new health app that specifically shows the amount of time you have used your device by constantly showing you a timer on your screen.

In this way, people will have to realize the length of time they use their phones throughout the day, and ideally convince some to reduce their use, and the application includes the option to pause it for a while, and fortunately, the tool is flexible and does not interfere with the phone interface, so that it can be moved easily at any Place on the front of the screen.

Finally, the ScreenHive application is available for free and full download on the Google Play Store, and to download it, go through the link at the bottom, provided that it supports Android version 5.0 or later.

Download ScreenHive app.

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