Screenshots in macOS Mojave. Everything you need to know

In the latest version of the desktop operating system Apple debuted a powerful tool for creating screenshots. Despite the fact that many people are satisfied and the basic functionality of the operating system with regards to the screenshots, the developers have added some useful innovations. For example, it is possible to record the screen directly without having to use a video player QuickTime or other third-party solutions. What else was added?

The application “the screen” a long time did not receive any changes or innovations. Only with the release of macOS Mojave, the tool has received a redesign which now corresponds to the overall style of the operating system. Among other things, became available to enhanced management and creation of screenshots and videos.

Start a new solution using the combination Command + Shift + 5 or in any other convenient way. The application resides at the same address: “Programs” — “Utilities”.

How to take a screenshot in macOS Mojave?

  • The only window is a screenshot of the entire working area of the active monitor.
  • The selected application — the easiest way to take a screenshot of said program. Side effect is a beautiful shade of the application window in the picture.
  • The selected region — with this option you can select the necessary fragment manually.

Having defined the desired option, it remains only to click on “Snapshot”. Then in the bottom right corner you will see a thumbnail which will allow you to instantly edit the resulting variant. Thus created image will be saved to your desktop.

How to record screen in macOS Mojave?

It is responsible for the following options:

  • Record entire screen — as you can tell by the title, is the capture of the entire workspace.
  • The entry of the selected region — capture a specific area after setting the necessary boundaries.

To record screen as easy as a screenshot. For it is only necessary to activate the option “Record”. To stop recording, you must select the appropriate icon in the menu bar. The resulting material will remain on the desktop, which can later be edited at your discretion.

What else can I customize?

Selecting Settings you can further customize some of the details:

  • To change where to save screenshots and screen recordings.
  • To set the delay before starting the process.
  • To turn on the microphone of your Mac at the time of the capture screen.

In addition, you can disable the appearance of the thumbnails in the lower right corner and also display the cursor in the screenshots or in the process of video recording.

And do you use this tool? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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