Screenshots leaked from iOS 13

We’re now less than a week from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC, which we expect to be revealed about the new versions of all operating systems, including iOS 13. Today we have screen shots of the operating system iOS of 13, shared exclusively by the site 9to5Mac, which displays some of the features of the new system.

Night mode the current in the Settings app or through the option in the control center, seem primitive what is available to see in the legal system, where it will display the background dark and vibrant instead of a fixed background. It is likely to come to Apple TV with new works better in night mode Dark Mode in the new system.

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When looking at an application like Music in the night mode, it is possible to see using Apple TV wallpapers real Black, which looks great with the OLED screen. May affect the change also on the age of the battery, since the OLED display does not need to use energy to illuminate the pixels black.

لقطات شاشة مُسربة من نظام تشغيل iOS 13

There is another change in the user interface in the new system as shown by the screen shot, which is to change the form of tools and annotations that resemble the real to choose from. As the re-design of the same interface on your iPad, which uses a round bar in the bottom of the screen to retain the tools. On the iPad, you can pull that tape around the screen.

لقطات شاشة مُسربة من نظام تشغيل iOS 13

Also got the application Reminders on the re-design of key operating system iOS 13, so that it will come also to a system running macOS 10.15. On the iPad, the application needs Reminders new on the side bar of a large separate boxes for both “Today” and”Scheduled” and”Flagged” and”All”, which also includes a search box and a set of lists to remind the user. The app also uses the line SF UI Rounded that has been submitted to the iOS operating system in the application of the Wallet on iOS 12.2.

لقطات شاشة مُسربة من نظام تشغيل iOS 13

It was also unify the Apps Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in one application called “Find My” has been improved dramatically on the iPad, including all the features of the two applications. The app displays a large map fills the entire screen of the device, with a small window in the corner you know the family of the user and his friends and the other tab for the user’s own. When enabled, a Dark Mode (Night Mode), the map shows the same form of mapping on system macOS in Night Mode.

لقطات شاشة مُسربة من نظام تشغيل iOS 13

Expected to know that Apple officially unveiled the operating system iOS 13 next Monday, during the opening speech at the conference of developers WWDC. After the announcement it will be the demo version first developer available immediately, start with the demo version of the year in the following weeks.

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