Screenshots of iPhone 12 Pro Max confirm LiDAR sensor and 120Hz refresh rate

The latest video leaks that came today revealed screenshots of the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, which confirmed that the phone comes with a LiDAR sensor and comes at a 120Hz refresh rate.

There are frequent leaks that provide more details about the iPhone 12 series, and today the latest leaks come to reveal screenshots of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


I spotted the screenshots on the @Jon_Prosser page, where he made a short video clip in which he reviews the screen shots of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which comes at a refresh rate of 120Hz in the screen and includes a LiDAR sensor in the settings of the rear camera.

The new details come today after an earlier report confirmed that the iPhone 12 Pro will not support a 120Hz refresh rate in the screen due to problems in the supply chain facing Apple.

On the other hand, the leaked images of the screen shots of a model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max come from the first stage of production, as this model provides details about the features expected in the final version of the phone.

The first screenshot comes from the camera application on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, where an option appears in the menus to enable features in the camera, including enabling the LiDAR feature, and another option comes to enable improvements in photography in low-light or night mode.

The camera application also comes with a choice of an improved pattern to reduce noise and noise in images, with a pattern to record video with more accurate details, and also an option to enable zoom, along with other patterns in video recording.

While the second screen shot confirms the 120Hz refresh rate in the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen, some expectations indicate that this feature can be removed from the phone when the final version is launched.

Recall that Prosser explained in another tweet that the phone comes with a large bump in the screen, the phone also comes in a thinner size, the Face ID camera supports wide viewing angles, the phone frame also features a flat design, while the screen is characterized by a curvature, and it is expected that new versions of Apple over the next month.



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