Season Snapdragon X55 latest from Qualcomm supports 5G networks at speeds up to 7Gbps

Qualcomm Snapdragon

The company Qualcomm unveiled today a modem second compatible with 5G, this new season called Snapdragon X55. This new season of the Qualcomm claims speed connection of up to 7 gigabits per second, but more importantly it supports networks fourth generation 4G LTE in addition to the old networks such as the networks second generation networks third generation.

Season Snapdragon X55 latest from Qualcomm supports all frequencies for 5G, including mmWave and 6GHz sub. Moreover, it works on both networks TDD and FDD even be possible to use it in devices of the Western companies and the operations of Chinese companies.

On the mmWave, the season to raise the data transfer rate to 8000MHz with antenna 2×2 MIMO to get a download speed of up to 7 gigabits per second speed of lift up to 3 Gbps. In the network 6GHz subsidiary says the move data at a rate of 100MHz with the antenna 4×4 MIMO. For those wondering about the difference between network mmWave and network 6GHz sub, let it be in his knowledge that the network mmWave provides a range of high-frequency in crowded urban areas, but with limited coverage. As for network 6GHz sub, they offer different features, they provide better coverage and speed is slower, although it is still faster than LTE.

Season Snapdragon X55 new Qualcomm processor is even faster on the 4G LTE networks of old, it is download speed on this network up to 2.5 Gigabit per second speed is raised up to 0.3 Gbps. But when it comes to the future, he will be put the Stand Alone in time as of which the 5G is the only one available.

Note that through the support of networks second generation networks third-generation, Qualcomm means all versions of GSM and CDMA, hence promotions such as EDGE and EV-DO and other other translations are fully supported by this season. Basically, can this season to work on any cellular network.

The advantage is that it supports legacy networks make able companies use the Snapdragon X55 with processors not equipped with the information. For devices which are used to season Snapdragon X50, it requires that the supports of the facility with the processor for 4G LTE network, and in this case there is one processor only can be used with the modem Qualcomm X50, which is the processor Snapdragon 855.

Anyway, expect to see the first devices equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 in late this year.


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