Season Snapdragon X60 might make his way for iPhone coming in the year 2021

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Expected to be used phones the iPhone killer of Apple season Snapdragon X55, a subsidiary of Qualcomm to support 5G. It is also expected that this relationship will continue between Apple and Qualcomm for a period of time, this is the reason why it’s not surprising to hear that it is likely with the iPhone coming in the year 2021 that the company uses Apple season Snapdragon X60.

Qualcomm announced recently for the season Snapdragon X60-to-be this season the latest from the company. This makes it represents the second generation of modem 5G of the company and one of its features is that it has been manufactured using the technology of 5 nm. This means that the world will consume a smaller space compared with the Snapdragon X55 that was created using technology 7 nm.

What this means is a chance to become iPhones that use the thinnest because of the chip small. Alternatively, you can buy Apple keep the size of the iPhone, but they can also use the empty space to include new components in the device. However, there is no guarantee that the slitting of the season Qualcomm X60 his way to the iPhone next in the year 2021, but as we have said, because Apple is working with Qualcomm since the period, we wouldn’t be surprised if it already happened.

In the meantime, we heard rumors reported that Apple is working on the development of the modem the 5G, but it is said that this information won’t reach the Apple devices until after the lapse of a few years.

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