Season x: why Bitcoin began to rise sharply?

The majority believes that the rally of Bitcoin began in April 2019. Some still believe that the recent growth of the cryptocurrency up to 14 thousand dollars — just another bounce on the way to a new low. The only remains that BTC is growing for the fifth consecutive month this year. How long will the fun and get ready to fuck x with altcoins?

The secret of the new bullrun

To date, the July candle on the 1-month chart still looks green. However, before its closure left nearly three weeks, during this period on the market, everything can change. Now Bitcoins are left to grow by 2.1 thousand to reach its historical peak in 13780 dollars that is installed in the end of 2017.

Now let’s look at the numbers. The last time such a long chain of “green” months were just in 2017 from April to June. Until then, the market was so bullish from April to September in 2013. For these periods, the Bitcoin rose 185,2 and 103.4 percent, respectively. In the same year, the cryptocurrency rose of 135.8 percent over the past five months.

Source: AMBCrypto

The views around the start of the rally of Bitcoin in April are still different. Some believe that the uptrend was formed in honor of April fool’s jokes. Others allow you to participate “mystery shopper” from Asia, which gave impetus to the market for its large order for the purchase of coins. Another interesting fact — the popularity of Bitcoin Google Trends is growing much slowerthan in 2017. So the margin for development is still there.

The index of dominance of cryptocurrency, that is, its share in the total capitalization of the industry has exceeded 65 percent, so long as all other coins are in free fall. “Altcoins season” hasn’t started yet, so highly not recommended to buy other digital assets to fall. Time earnings on the violas come, and definitely do not miss it and subscribe to our cryptcat of hontarov!


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