Secret talks in the Skype app became possible thanks to the addition of the option to encrypt conversations


Skype is the platform of the talks later, which decided to subject the talks to consult adjacent. Has Microsoft teamed up with a company Signal to include this new feature in the service Skype, which is optional and non-default for each of the talks. This means that the way to implement this feature in the Skype application similar to the way the implementation of this feature in the application Facebook Messenger, which have confidential conversations private you can set up for this purpose.

While this feature protects the name Secret Conversations in the application of Facebook Messenger, they carry the name of the Private Conversations in the Skype app with the knowledge that it is not possible in group conversations. Start private conversation ” Private Conversations ” you only need to click on the icon ( + ), and choose the option New Private Conversation, and then choose a contact person that you want to talk to her in secret.

Then after that will be to send the invitation to that person to join – this call remain valid for a period of seven days, after it expires, you will need to send another one. After your contact accepts the call, you’ll be conversation available to you only on your current device. If you want to transfer to another phone or another computer, you will need to re-send the invitation.

It will be the conversation of the special lock icon next to the name of the contact, and will not show messages in chat or notifications. You can’t modify the messages or files sent in this mode, only emoji, files, voice messages are available for transmission.

Has become a new feature available to participants in the Skype Insiders. We hope to make this feature its way to all other users soon.


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