Secure the app with the fingerprint of the finger … the new feature of time associated

As our return management app is the most famous globally WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, that work between now and then, to add many more useful for the users which would keep the app at the center of its upward between many of the app Board of directors.

According to recent reports, fans of the owners attention. Spotted a new feature coming to choose safe and privacy on the application WhatsApp is feature with the fingerprint of the finger that hurt with her running the application is impossible if try others access to your messages or stalking them.

Lock and unlock the app by fingerprint private owner is something that soon maybe during the day to use the admin professional overcome all the disadvantages of this water that will be available under Options holidays Settings including to Account and privacy. Privacy to make the new water Fingerprint down the festive Authentication.

There, you will be able to adopt the fingerprint of your own and save them and not one could pass by that easy. that was a list with means of protection other.

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