Security experts: breakthrough beauty to the routers know of millions of devices exploitation

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خبراء أمنيون: اختراق جماعي لأجهزة التوجيه يعرض ملايين الأجهزة للاستغلال

Researchers said that more than 45 thousand router online know they are at risk due to newly discovered designed to open networks to attacks by EternalBlue, which is the effective exploitation developed by the US National Security Agency, and then steal from them and to the internet and used in the attacks, ransom destructive WannaCry and NotPetya, exploits and attack new routers to application-weak protocol universal plug and play UPnP to force connected devices to open the implementing 139 and 445, in accordance with the Offer published by services company providing content solutions cloud security for Akamai.

And as a result, access to nearly 2 million computers and telephone and other network connected devices to the router on these ports, and do not reveal the processes of examination on the internet accurately what is happening for connected devices as soon as their exposure to risk, the company Akamai said that the port, which is an effective tool for the spread of exploitation EternalBlue and modification of labeled EternalRed, offering a strong hint to the intentions of the attackers.

These attacks are an example of a new exploitation of the collective to which the company has documented it earlier in the month of April, which named it UPnProxy, because it uses UPnP, which is a protocol designed to facilitate the operation of the connected devices using the instructions allows them to discover each other and automatically open the ports necessary to connect to the internet external, to achieve routers vulnerable to proxies to hide the origins of spam emails in which the denial of service attacks distributed DDoSes and networks of bot-net botnets.

It is believed researchers Akamai that there is someone trying to penetrate the millions of devices associated with the routers that are vulnerable through the benefit from the exploitation EternalBlue and EternalRed, unfortunately, the researchers of the company can’t see what’s going on after the occurrence of the injection, this can lead successful migration to an environment rich with targets, which opens up opportunities for things like attacks, ransom or to gain a foothold level on the network.

This means that the router is the gateway for each device connected to the internet in the home from computer to phone through to a TV smart lamps, smart lighting, and in the case of the router has been hacked, it’s likely that every other device in the house you have been hacked, and it is difficult to ascertain if you are infected, given that antivirus programs do not scan for routers usually.

Information indicates the presence of dozens of models of routers prone to watch UPnProxy, including models from Asus and D-Link and Netgear, however, the majority of the models mentioned are routers dedicated to business in Europe and Asia such as Axler and EFM and Netis, Ubiquiti.

And enjoy your company Akamai specific figures for the number of devices that have been breached already, it is estimated that there are at least a thousand 277 router weak in use at the present time, of which 45 thousand router sources sure, trying to guess the number of connected devices all router sources, there may be around 1.7 billion machine is infected or at risk of infection.

And users must re-adjust the settings of the router, and disable UPnP to prevent attacks and make sure that the routers are not vulnerable to attacks UPnP, then check for firmware updates, as some companies correct the weakness, although that will not lead to repair of any other systems been hacked, but it is a necessary first step, and can then reset any other device connected to the internet may be a source of concern.

The gate Arab News Technical security experts: breakthrough beauty to the routers know of millions of devices vulnerable to exploitation

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