Security experts e-mail: the rush towards the adoption of cloud technologies does not observe the security risks

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Referred 70 percent of the security experts e-in large companies across Europe and the Middle East to rush toward adoption of cloud technologies does not take fully into account the security risks that beset this technology, according to a study new security around cloud technologies by company Palo Alto networks, specializing in the development of the next generation of security solutions.

Study surveyed the opinions of many of the companies that rely effectively on cloud technologies to meet their needs of data applications and services, the study indicated that security experts e-realize that you have to do more efforts to match the mechanisms of action on the cloud, they often see security issues as a barrier to business processes when adopting new applications and services.

It is the findings of the study:

  • Noted more than half the security experts e – “54 percent” in all of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, to a case of incompatibility between them and the rest of the business in terms of the issues special to the cloud, cyber-security, including the role of electronic security in the successful adoption and deployment of cloud technologies.
  • Despite the approval of a majority of the security experts e – “64 percent” that security is a top priority for their opposition to public cloud, however, less than half of the participants are confident that the security mechanisms E is currently in the public cloud works well, even for sensitive business such as financial resources.
  • Confirmed only 1 of every 10 “and 13 percent” of the security experts e-they were able to maintain a level of security on the enterprise level for cloud networks and peripherals, she noted, half of the institutions included in the study “49 percent” to follow a different approach and fragmented to the current security, they only require to have a vision of growing itself, and the ability to command and control to the email within all folders.
  • Feel the security experts e-mail of dissatisfaction regarding their involvement in discussions and consultancy on the security of the cloud and are looking for more of a challenge, as noted by 19 percent that they enjoy at the right level of participation in relation to the security of cloud services, and even those who reported their high level of participation they want to achieve more control in the issue of cyber security, where the toggle 57 percent of them to their need for greater control and development in relation to the issue of cyber-security for the cloud.

Said Greg day, Vice President and head of Information Security for Region Europe, Middle East and Africa have Palo Alto Networks: “The adoption of cloud technologies is motivated by a desire to achieve digital operation more rapidly and imaginatively to the question of electronic security to achieve progress and Development, this is crucial for specialists in the field of cyber security often find it difficult to keep up with this progress, and to recognize institutions that cyber-security poses an obstacle, while it actually helps to achieve the ambitions and expectations of cloud technologies, and even have a security email more flexible as required by the business, needs today officials e-security in the Europe, Middle East and Africa to maintain control of the reliable on the issues of cyber-security in different working environments, Including cloud and cloud multi”.

The study highlighted some differences by country, for example pointed out 80 percent of the institutions surveyed in France that rely on cloud technologies beyond e-security, while the women in the institutions from the Netherlands, 54 percent; Germany, 64 percent, and the Middle East such as United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 66 percent, which indicates they do not support this expectation.

Concluded dai, said:” the cloud technology is the change of style the use and consumption of information technology, enabling these techniques to institutions of collection data security more important and broader in scope, conducting risk analyses of big data, and machine learning in order to respond to threats faster, and reach the potential of the computer limitless opportunities for prevention more fully, and more importantly that all of that is done by digital needed to determine the risks and attacks that weaken trust digital”.

In order to meet the requirements of excellent organisations to maintain control of a strong and coherent scene security for applications, data and processes to cloud-based multi-and hybrid cloud, the company Palo Alto Networks, adding new possibilities of the cloud on the platform of the next generation of security solutions, designed to repel cyber-attacks on the cloud successfully, offering these improvements for customers who are working in cloud environments hybrid cloud and multi-services comprehensive security and consistent enterprise-level integrated directly with the cloud infrastructure and workloads.

Security experts e-mail: the rush towards the adoption of cloud technologies is not sensitive to security risks

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