Security officials said the British warn of the danger of Huawei’s products

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مسؤولون أمنيون بريطانيون يحذرون من خطر منتجات هواوي

Put senior officials of the national security of the United Kingdom companies Huawei and the Chinese under-equipped over the past several years because of the potential security risks, and provided a new report issued this week by the Government Commission to carry the name “Centre for the evaluation of cyber security Huawei” HCSEC, located its headquarters in the heart of Banbury Banbury is a specialist in monitoring the use of infrastructure equipment for mobile in the UK, some of the results are inconclusive to some extent.

She warned the Commission through its annual report, which was the fourth of HCSEC, that the shortcomings of the engineering operations of Huawei has revealed the risks of new telecommunications networks in the United Kingdom and the challenges of long-term mitigation and management, the report added: “the Council can control to provide a guarantee only a limited that any risks to the national security of the British from the involvement of Huawei in the network of life in the United Kingdom have been alleviated to a sufficient degree”.

And reviewed the manufacturing company of the Chinese phones have repeatedly watch by legislators and government officials in the United States who accuse it of being the Chinese government, and has denied the company continuously to be their products pose a security risk, but it remained far from the U.S. market, insisting it is a private company owned by its employees.

A spokesman for Huawei said the company welcomes the report of the oversight board in the United Kingdom, the spokesman added: We are grateful for the notes which emphasize the collaborative approach adopted by Huawei and the UK government and operators in order to address these issues, and cyber security is a top priority for Huawei, and we will continue to work actively on the improvement of processes engineering and risk management systems.

The report concludes that the operational independence of the centre for HCSEC are strong and effective, where the Select board oversight of certain areas to improve the operations of Huawei engineering, the spokesman pointed out the company they grateful for the comments and committed to addressing these issues.

And the report on a pair of problems related to testing and software used in some devices of Huawei, says the National Center for electronic security of the British government NCSC, he worked with Huawei to address these concerns.

Was established center HCSEC in 2010 to mitigate the risks arising from the involvement of the Chinese company in the infrastructure of the National Security in the United Kingdom, headed by the Martin Ciaran Martin, Executive Director of the National Center for electronic security in the UK, the centre is part of the Agency’s general intelligence of the British government’s GCHQ.

A spokesman for the National Centre of cyber security: “the telecommunications companies, the British government and private agencies working with Huawei at home and abroad to ensure the UK continues to benefit from the new technology with the risk management of cyber security”.

Warned the National Centre of cyber security in the UK NCSC earlier this year telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom that the use of the equipment provided by ZTE Corporation domestic competition Huawei would lead to security risks can not be mitigated partly, because they may interfere with the devices Huawei.

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