Security update for the month of March brings with it the luxury features of the digital phone essentials PH-1

Essential PH-1

As we have explained to you before, has started a company Google really release a security update for the month of March for the Google Pixel, which continue to support her. However, it seems they are not the only company that did so. In fact, I’ve now confirmed that the company Essential fired the same update for the phone Essential PH-1.

May be the company stopped the manufacture of smart phones, but over the past few months, the company continued Essential release security updates for the phone Essential PH-1.

Regardless of the security vulnerabilities that the Google will shut it down in Android, the event which is now in the phone Essential PH-1 brings with it luxury features Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” announced by Google at its annual conference for developers Google I/O, 2018 in the past year. You’ll find these features in the settings menu once you download and install the update. You can expect to see the control panel shows you how you spend your time on the machine, plus extra options such as the option that gives you the amount of time you want to spend on each individual application, and Wind Down, which turned the screen gradually to Gray in the evening.


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