See how was the performance of the phone iPhone XS in Tests falling

iPhone XS Max

Claim to Apple that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have the ” glass is the most solid smart phones at all “. However, we suspect that’s because the design of the sandwich where the use of glass in the front and rear frame of the metal is more brittle as compared to other designs that use a plastic or metal. Thus, these allegations Big Apple, but you can turn on the ground already?

Well, while there are no specific answers, dropping the phone iPhone XS seven times on the asphalt should be given a good reference. Especially when the hiccups sometimes from the height of the head. We won’t ruin the viewing experience, but there are some risks. If you know energy glass front damage, then you need to 280 dollars to replace., but in the case if you know power glass rear damage, then you need to 550 USD to fix it.

Have you seen the video? Well, I’ve showed the phone iPhone XS the resistance of the exciting is very impressive although the results of this test sound like the opposite of some of the tests the fall that we saw earlier this week. However, we still recommend you invest in a protective cover for more protection if you want to keep on your phone that cost you $ 1000.

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