Selection of the right headphone with Hi-Res Audio

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise someone with the HD video, but remembering the beautiful picture we often forget about the quality of the sound. But high resolution is in the sound. The appropriate format is called Hi-Res Audio. We decided to clarify what it is, and how much it costs.

Everyone is used to comfortable storing music in digital form. This eliminates the need for large storage media, like CDs and vinyl records. Connected the USB flash drive or recorded music in the memory device and ready. The problem is that this method of storing and transporting music can affect its quality.

To avoid this, in recent time very widespread, started to audio format called Hi-Res Audio. The most active in our time, it was developed by the company Sony, which offers not only support this format in their smartphones, but also produces a large amount of headphones and speakers, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of this format.

A bit of theory

Among the main advantages include greater detail of instruments and vocals, as well as improved sound stage.

For a more visual description of the functionality of Hi-Res Audio is worth quoting a few figures. For example, the usual mp3 format is considered an excellent bitrate 320 KB/c, and Hi-Res Audio minimum value is 1000 KB/s. that is, the difference is more than three times. There is a difference in the sampling frequency or , as it is called, sampling.

When digitizing the analog record information is removed once at a certain time. You can give an example with video recording. Every few milliseconds captured one image and the output we get the usual us 24, 30, 60 frames per second and so on. With music the situation is similar, but the incidence of seizure is much higher. For usual formats, the sampling frequency is 44.1 KHz, while the Hi-Res Audio can provide 88 KHz, 96 KHz and more.

All this allows Hi-Res Audio to sound as close as possible to the original, and sometimes even completely match what I wanted to convey the author and how the music was recorded in the Studio.

Despite all the advantages of the technology and the apparent high cost of the accessories which support it, its components are more affordable than you think. In this collection we will focus on the headphones.

Interesting point!
All the headphones listed in this article are designed to work with smartphone Sony Xperia XZ3. Now from your smartphone you can listen to music that can be appreciated by true audiophiles.

Hi-Res headphones cheaper than they appear

The first example and one of the cheapest headphone can headphones considered Xiaomi Mi Dual-Unit Semi-in-Ear. Xiaomi company has long accustomed us to the fact that they try to release something good for little money. For obvious reasons, turns out that’s not always the case, but, as they say, “the try is scored”. Especially because the headphones are made of ceramic.

It happened with headphones. Even in Russian shops you can find them for less than 1000. At the same time, they have passed the certification of the Japanese Association and support high-quality sound beyond the quality of CD sound.

Of course, to say that they fully disclose all the charm of the format is not necessary, therefore, if to approach to business more seriously, you should pay attention to more expensive models.

Main features:
sensitivity — 105 dB
impedance — 32 Ohms
frequency range — from 20 to 40,000 Hz

Headphones for most

One of the most affordable, but more decent options would be the Sony model IER-H500A h.ear in 2. At a cost of about 4,000 rubles they are already capable of playing 24-bit sound and is equipped with 9 mm high-sensitivity speakers.

Despite the fact that this is the usual plugs, they are already able to more fully reveal all the delights of Hi-Res Audio than counterparts without the support of such a function. However, we should not forget about the source of the sound. Listen to the radio in the headphones a little sense.

In addition, Sony IER-H500A ear 2 is available in several colors and have a microphone on the wire, making them a good option for use with smartphones that support our format. For example, such as Sony Xperia XZ3.

Main features:
sensitivity — 103 dB
impedance — 16 Ohms
frequency range — from 5 to 40,000 Hz

The model is not for everyone

If you are willing to spend a more impressive amount, but still prefer wired in-ear headphones, an interesting option might be the AKG N40 cost 20,000 rubles.

In addition to hybrid acoustic solutions (speaker + balanced armature driver), the headphones offer a detachable cable, and three interchangeable filter that allows you to choose between a balanced sound, high gain and bass boost.

As expected, the set up of headphones goes a few extra accessories like carrying case, an adapter for the audio system of the aircraft, and even a tool for cleaning.

Main features:
sensitivity — 115 dB
impedance — 20 Ohms
frequency range — from 10 to 40000 Hz


Is among headphone with support for Hi-Res Audio overhead model. One example is the Pioneer SE-MHR5. The model has a foldable design for Pioneer and traditional appearance.

To play the sound uses 40-mm emitters with rare earth magnets and CCAW coils sound. The delivery set also included a cover and another cable with 4-pin balanced connector. The cost of the headphones is slightly less than 20,000 rubles.

Main features:
sensitivity — 100 dB
impedance — 45 Ohm
frequency range — from 5 to 40,000 Hz

High quality and functional

Despite the fact that overhead headphone has its fans, full-size models are in great demand, and among them too there are worthy followers of Hi-Res Audio.

As an example, which is the best combination of price and quality can be called headphones Sony WH-1000XM. At IFA 2018 was presented the third generation of these headphones, but even the second one sounds more than decent.

In addition, they are equipped with active noise reduction provide the HD processor QN1. This will allow not only to listen to music in high quality, but also isolated from noise. However, since we are talking about music in the highest possible quality, it is better to disable this system if you want to more fully enjoy all the subtleties of your favorite songs.

Separately, the manufacturer notes automatic adaptation of the play under your actions, as well as the optimization of the headphones work when used in an airplane, the pressure differences.

Main features:
sensitivity: 104,5 dB
impedance — 47 Ohms
frequency range is from 4 to 40,000 Hz

The cost of the Sony WH-1000XM varies from seller in the area of 27,000 rubles, but there are more expensive models. At the same time, they are also a channel, as described earlier AKG N40.


The last example of a headphone with Hi-Res Audio will be BEYERDYNAMIC XELENTO REMOTE. The main feature of headphones is the technology Tesla to increase the magnetic field and, consequently, improve the sound quality.

In addition, the headphones feature a remote control on the wire and all the attributes, put this headphones. We are talking about the detachable cord, beautiful appearance and rich package.

In addition, for those who are most choosy, in terms of comfort, provided by as many as 10 sets of interchangeable ear cushions. But the cost is 60,000 rubles is not due to this. First and foremost, they provide uncompromised sound quality.

Main features:
sensitivity — 110 dB
impedance — 16 Ohms
frequency range is from 8 to 48000 Hz

In the end to buy? Whether to buy at all?

What headsets everyone has to decide for himself, as the price difference is very big, and not all are willing to pay for headphones several tens of thousands of rubles. Also, we all have our preferences in form factor headphones.

Of course, the choice is not limited to the above selection. It’s probably just an example of models from which we should start to look for what you need. But that headphone with Hi-Res Audio really gives wide opportunities in the field of sound to argue, at least not logically.

For comparison, we can cite the example of viewing the video in 720p at 30 frames per second and then see the same video but in full HD at 60 frames per second. The difference is such that to return to the old format no longer want. Same with the headphones.

Our answer to the question of whether to buy these headphones sounds Yes. Yes, buy, if there is something to listen to such music and you are ready to pay somewhat more than ordinary headphones.

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