Selling laptop contains the most dangerous viruses in the world more than million

Do you remember the virus ILOVEYOU famous for? Someone collect the most dangerous six virus hit the world and put it in the laptop and sold it at auction on that masterpiece!, The The strangest thing that you bought for $ 1.3 million dollars!.

The situation NC10-made Samsung was sold when it was launched 11 years ago at a price of $ 499, but when it turns into a piece of art software thanks to the artist Guo O Dong it will remain for more than a million dollars.

This piece of art viral contain the most dangerous viruses and malicious software, Ransomware, throughout history, such as ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, DarkTequila, BlackEnergy, SoBig,and WannaCry that I can hit more than 200 thousand computers in 150 countries around the world and encrypt the files of users and ransom money for its re-opening.

Can’t link case online, therefore, considered relatively safe and will not allow spreading of viruses to other devices unless it is done through the themselves flash, and the buyer to sign a recognition of the seriousness of the device before getting it.

Even if it has been reached the case across the network in any other way, most – if not all – software virus scan I was able to recognize these dangerous viruses because it’s been discovered years the researchers were able security of developed solutions and update databases programs antivirus by.

He did not disclose the identity of the buyer who raise it even more, so 1.345 billion dollars for the cost of its preparation is about 10 thousand dollars to put a virus in it and his intention for the communication and dissemination of its content across any network.

It is worth noting that estimates indicate the size of the damage the virus six is estimated at $ 95 million!.

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