Senator Maggie Hassan match the organization of the ESRB to re-consider the funds the loot in video games

Maggie Hassan

Growing concern and interest from various legislators around the world boxes of loot in video games. For those who don’t know, the boxes of booty (loot box) is one of the ways used for the distribution of tools in video games, where the player opens a box and get the tool to appear not random, and in general the player buy this box without knowing what he needs, which, in the opinion of some legal authorities that it is considered a type of gambling, and is of opinion that vary with the gaming companies and organizations the classification of the age of America ESRB (or Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Senator Maggie Hassan of the U.S. Senate sent a letter to Patricia Vance, Chairman of the organization ESRB (and is a non-governmental organization by the way), where the student has to re-consider the funds the loot because of the damage to the content owners personal addiction in particular and consumers in general:

While technology evolves, the ESRB should keep abreast to the latest trends in the gaming world, including the paid content inside the games and tactics that target the owners of the addictive personalities of consumers, especially when it is directed to minors.

Boxes booty raise doubts about the use of the techniques of the psychology and mechanics motivational mimic the methods used in casinos and games based on the element of chance (or probability). The possibility of harm is real.

While Maggie Hassan on that the classification of the funds the loot as a sort of gambling is controversial, it is of the opinion that the ESRB should explain to consumers their presence in games, and they must be sure that the launch of its in games geared to kids, is ethical, in addition to the collection and dissemination of data about the boxes of booty and also alienate players.

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