Senior analyst ” confirms ” the advent of the first iPhone compatible with 5G networks in 2020

iPhone XR

Earlier this month, appeared a group of rumors that reported that the iPhone first compatible with the 5G won’t arrive until the year 2021 because of the difficulties faced by Apple in the get modem the 5G. This stems from the fact that Qualcomm is the largest distributor of 5G designed for smart phones in the world, but because of its problems with Apple, it was not clear whether Qualcomm will supply Apple with information 5G special of it or not.

However, this situation changed recently after I announced the Apple TV that it has to resolve all legal disputes between them and Qualcomm and concluded a deal for, and this is something which would lead to the return of normalcy and growing company Qualcomm to Apple with the information 5G. Of course, we still have to wait to see whether this is true or not, but today released a new report from the website of CNBC indicates that the adapter is old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo confirms on the last remarks that the first iPhone is compatible with the 5G networks of the Apple TV will be released in 2020 as it was defined at the outset.

According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it seems that Apple will not import a modem and 5G of Qualcomm, but will import a modem and 5G of Samsung also. According to the China analyst, it has stated by saying : ” we expect to follow my Apple TV modem and 5G made by Qualcomm, which focuses on the markets where they are relying on the spectrum mmWave, and information 5G made of Samsung which is focused on the markets where they are relying on the spectrum Sub-6GHz, in order to reduce supply risk, reduce costs and gain some advantage during bargaining “.

It remains to be seen whether these rumors will fade, but basically, if you are hoping to see the first iPhone is compatible with the 5G this year, it is better not to get your hopes up, although this is not a bad thing necessarily because we think that will be a greater focus this year on resolving the problems faced by 5G networks.

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