Sennheiser announces the wireless speaker GSP 370 players with battery operated 100 hours


The company announced near the German specialized in audio equipment to hear about a new wave to the players under the GSP 370, and is an upgraded version and the wireless speaker company’s previous GSP300. What distinguishes this fish next to the promises Center in maintaining the quality of voice known of the company, is that card able to continue to work for a period exceeding 100 hours, and for example the player who plays 6 hours a week, will be able to use the sky 4 months without having to charge it.

The handset includes a microphone (mic) is robust to noise insulation, and sound quality is high. As the focus of heaven on the comfort when using for long periods of time, and in terms of price, the handset will launch at a price of$ 200, double the price of the headset GSP300 wired, and that are available in the market at the price approximately 100$.

The sky compatible with the need of the person, places, and also the Xbox One.

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