Sennheiser revealing headphones wireless gaming GSP 370 year-old charging up to 100 hours

The company announced Sennheiser released a new headphone wireless gaming GSP 370 that comes by marketing first in the age of charging up to 100 hours.

Compete in the markets a lot of versions of wireless headphones that target players, وSennheiser provided today a new version can support the performance of the best with a lifespan of charging longer.

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Resort players usually choose the headphones wired to avoid the expiry of the shipping in the wireless gaming during the games, and at the time that came in the headset Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Battery interchangeable, except that it would delay the player for a short time in the games until the expiry of the DIP switch.

Today, Sennheiser headset its wireless new GSP 370 games, with a microphone to broadcast the highest quality, this coupled with the age of the charging lasts up to 100 hours, and that the design of the wireless headsets with cushions in-ear headphones and also in the upper part of the sky invites the user to experience comfortable use the headset for long periods.

Also confirm the Sennheiser on the possibility of operating the phone when she called via the micro USB port, is also scheduled to hear a GSP 370 at the price of $ 200 almost across the store Sennheiser.


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