Sensational reports about the innovation of the founder of the new Android

تقارير مثيرة حول ابتكار مؤسس أندرويد الجديد

Earlier this year reports indicated that the company Essential that was founded by the inventor of Android Andy Rubin will not develop a new phone and Khalifa Essentials 2 will come at any time but that Robin intends to sell the entire company.

A new report denies the rumors at this time and some interesting details about the company since, according to the report, they are Essential equipment to the middle of the featured work in the exhibition CES 2019. According to the description of the source of the product will either replace or enhance the use of the smartphone, and shows for the first time in the massive January 2019.

The source of the information doesn’t seem reliable in any form so can’t deal with this information just like a common according to the report, the source of this information is the staff knows a lot of details from within the company.

According to a source, Robin and his team they cancelled the work on the development of the intelligent headset of the Essential fully to focus on new product development, which will be for the company only will be for any smart phone at all.

According to the product description Vita described as a smartphone, but the extremely small size would depend on where artificial intelligence to respond to calls, emails and text messages and do a booking automatically reminds us that it might be a product like Google DUBLEX but on a smart phone.

And updated source that the organization is not equipped to appear in the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show or CES is the technology event for the mass which is held in January of each year.

This news interfere dramatically with previous reports is the decline of Robin from the sale of his company? Though that may have been why he decided that? Certainly there are many questions the authenticity of these reports about a product Essential New.

Takes artificial intelligence increasingly large role in our current world where you are trying to smart phones to enhance the capacity of its artificial intelligence as form. Show the most current applications in the camera and add new advantages and assistants artificial intelligence who is developed to help users in everyday tasks.

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