Sensor Camera New from Samsung is capable of slow motion 1080p fast 480fps

Samsung has announced today officially from the camera sensor its own new kind of ISOCELL, where Samsung offers in this sensor all the necessary improvements to the camera in amateur new S9 and S9 plus as it is a product.

Samsung I sensors new are characterized by the presence of three layers built this will make focusing much faster and more accurate with the technology of the States of the pixel developer Super PD which will be able to focus and determine the distance of things that move even in the dim light.

Of interesting things in the sensor is to support the filming of the slow motion video 1080p and speeds of 480 frames per second this means that the sensor is theoretically capable of shooting video slow motion 720p at a speed of 960 frames per second as is the case in Sony phones, but we must wait to see how much time .

Also talked to Samsung about reducing the thickness of the sensor which comes design is very thin contributes to the lack of visibility of the camera from the rear In addition to usual data in the zoom imaging in low light and reduce vibration and sound .

As indicated above, is expected to show that the sensor for the first time in Samsung phones new MSN 9 and MSN 9 plus .




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