Sensor-fingerprint built-in screen you will see its way to phones Samsung developed in the next year

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We have seen in the past and many of the rumors are conflicting on whether the Galaxy S10 will sensor fingerprint in the screen or not. However, we are here with new information from the Chinese warrior famous IceUniverse says that the phone Galaxy S10 will actually sensor the fingerprint in the screen. Moreover, it was explained that this technology will see its way further into the series phones Galaxy A Series new phone the Galaxy Note 10 expected in the second half of next year.

This new information made by the Ice Universe hinted further that the company Samsung will use the sensor of the fingerprint that is based on the technology of ultrasound instead of the technology of photography used currently. Moreover, this new information that Samsung will import this sensor a new fingerprint from Qualcomm, which is incompatible with the previous rumors which stated that Samsung is working on a technology to capture fingerprints.

It is worth mentioning that the sensor of the fingerprint, which is based on the technology of ultrasound work even with a screen that’s not OLED, as they are more accurate because they are based reading three-dimensional fingerprint instead of reading two-dimensional. And, apparently, chief of mobile devices at Samsung, Mr. DJ Koh is against the decision of the use of sensor optical fingerprint in the screen of the smart phones leading the next.

Anyway, the clearest Ice Universe that Samsung will be launching three versions of the Galaxy S10, one featuring a screen size of 5.8 inch, and another featuring a screen size of 6.1 inches, while the latest version screen size of 6.4 inch note that all these screens will be of type Super AMOLED display. However, it should be noted that versions of the big two are the only ones they will receive the fingerprint sensor in the screen, and perhaps this explains the confusion about this topic.

Usually you get series phones Galaxy A Series features Samsung’s Galaxy S Series after a year on the launch of the latter, it would be strange to see them outgrow it in the next year. Also note that the Ice Universe mentioned ” Galaxy Note 10“, This means that a fingerprint sensor built-in screen won’t make its way to Galaxy Note 9, which will be released in the month of August next.

It was also said that the phones the Samsung flagship will have three-dimensional camera in the backend will probably work in a similar way to a camera TrueDepth in Phone iPhone X. of course, will use this holographic camera to enhance the experience of augmented reality in the future.



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