Sensor Sony cameras may come built with artificial intelligence in the future


When it comes to the potential of the cameras, there are many factors that help to capture high quality images. For example, the lens should be a good camera, as well as the software used for image processing, as well as the sensor used in the camera. However, it seems that in the future, there’s a possibility that you get sensor Sony cameras additional support thanks to artificial intelligence.

It depends on the public perception of the Department, semiconductor company, Sony, has a challenge this section about how he planned to integrate artificial intelligence directly in the sensors own. According to the system overall, it appears that these sensors will target more mobile devices, automotive and industrial purposes, but as pointed out the site Sony Alpha Rumors, there’s a chance to make this technique its way into Sony cameras professional also.

In fact, this would not be surprising also. This is because the majority of DSLR cameras and cameras free of the mirrors haven’t changed much. Sure, I got their ability to some improvements, but this makes you feel that the camera market has seen an evolution and not a revolution. In addition, with the reduced demand for cameras professional year, he might be worth something revolutionary, such as incorporating artificial intelligence in the sensors to improve the situation.

We still have to wait to find out what can Intelligence AI to do exactly in DSLR cameras and cameras without mirrors, but we believe that it can be used to better food, and trace elements better, and maybe even take better pictures in environments of low lighting, etc. However, it remains to be seen whether that will actually happen in the end or not.

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