“Sensorwake” … the mesh requirement remains troublesome

In deep sleep, and manipulate the imagination of your impossible dreams, and suddenly manual voice actually breaking your ears … time to wake up to receive your everyday worries.. distribution: congratulations dear!

But who said that the product must be annoying?! Forget the inconvenience of the region with “sensory” Sensorwake, innovation, which offers new options to help wake up in the morning, in order to correct the product come to life.

Considered the alarm to “ensure” Sensorwake on the 3 stages of waking up, is of smell, vision and then the sky, instead of to hate your product, you’ll wake up happy, in the first phase will be up to the sense of smell each favorite: fresh coffee or the smell of the seaside or the fragrance of flowers and other natural scents refreshing.

Following that stage, the light of the tranquilizer, and then the last phase of waking up by listening to the quiet melody stimulates the brain with satisfaction on waking up.

And enjoy aromatherapy refreshing in Alarm “sensory” across the capsule, the user chooses the smell is appropriate, and supports the capsule per 30 days, which spread across the fan is small and quiet to drive air to ensure the access of the smell to your nose, the soothing melodies, it was stored 5 melodies to choose from within the region.

Alarm “ensure” is not entirely new, it has already launched a successful campaign to represent it on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, has produced a device already, won two awards at the Consumer Electronics Show CES in 2016 and 2017 as the best invention.

Launched innovative just Clock “insure” a new campaign, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, to produce a new version of the device updates the best, the campaign raised the target amount, is expected to reach the device to his supporters by November.

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