September 2015: Siri, tell me!

Previously, it was called “musical events”, they confessed their love for music, but their main task was nice to introduce new iPod models for the holiday season. Corrupt, this was love. But times have changed. Remembering what happened with Apple after the departure of Steve jobs, we often are asking the same question: “what would Steve?” We remember that he was against the pens, against increasing the iPhone and iPad reduce. All these prohibitions were violated, shamelessly and without remorse, as if it should be.

Imagine a concert hall named bill Graham in San Francisco, September 9, 2015, at the moment when Tim cook came up on stage and musicians. At that time the hall had a capacity of seven thousand spectators, to get here that day was by invitation only – but all of a sudden…

The invitation to the event “Hey Siri, give us a hint.”:

Suddenly on the scene, Steve. And, accusing company management of all mortal sins, demands to return money to shareholders, and hang it on the door company padlock. All bad, all wrong, all wrong! And with a flash of blinding flash as the front screen of the iPhone 6s, is dissolved in the eerie silence of the huge hall.

What do you think, if he could do it – would he? If afterlife existed, if its inhabitants watched the scene we have, and are pained by the betrayal of those whom they trust the most expensive?

I would have brought another two hundred any “if”, but the answer to these esoteric nonsense can only be one: NO. Times have changed. Steve’s views on life and specific technical solutions is also changing. He was able to admit my mistakes, publicly, and unrepentantly. A mistake is a privilege. He corrected them.

The world has changed, and Apple has also become the other, she made her own mistakes, but an even greater mistake would be to follow the precepts of 2011, not paying attention to what is happening.

Apple is smart and experienced predator in an unpredictable jungle of business, it is not the Church fans of Steve jobs. Steve would have approved not all decisions of the company, but in three years without him, despite the downturn in the markets of personal computers, tablets and smartphones, the company has strengthened its positions and remained one of the industry leaders. He would be happy.

Returning from the mystic wilds, I note that a few minutes in the day dedicated iPod. His upgrade. Just like old times, he’s primping for the holiday season, was painted in new colors and was reminded of myself. I mean the Apple Watch.

The situation in the world

To ensure that the demand for personal computers is slowly but surely reduced, all used. Apple has this market fared better, according to statistics.

News from the smartphone market too, no joy. They were fun, but illusions have not inspired – the times of rapid growth and sudden windfall profits are gone. Smartphones have become part of our life, they are eager and bought a lot. But in the foreseeable future significantly new in this field do not have to wait.

In 2015 bad news and got to the tablet market.

In the second quarter of 2015, all manufacturers of tablets sold a total of 44.7 million units. 7% less than in the same quarter of 2014. Apple has suffered from the downturn even stronger than the rest of the industry: compared to 2014 second quarter of 2015, iPad sales declined 17.9%.

Competition from very large smartphone buyers “stuck”, the hype has not forced users to buy new models every year (and the iPad mini 3 is almost indistinguishable from the iPad mini 2 – did not make sense to buy), and then there was a sudden aggravation of the political situation on the planet.

I think that 2/3 of these to 17.9 per cent charge for the iPad mini 3. Fear of cannibalism by his own 7.9-inch tablet Apple left a bigger threat from competitors. Happen. Anything irreparable has not occurred yet.

It took four and a half months after the start of sales Apple Watch. The world waited with interest for the boastful announcement made by Apple about the fantastic demand for its smartwatch, but not in June (6 weeks sold a million billion of Apple Watch, other watches in the world, factories are closing, all in a panic…) or after or even during “Hey Siri, give us a hint” Apple did not report on the volume of sales of Apple Watch.

Outside observers argued that by the beginning of September have sold 3.2 million Apple Watch, finishing second in the world among manufacturers of wearable devices (a device left in the first place was not for hours), beating all manufacturers of smart watches. According to others, the sales were between 2 and 2.5 million hours, and it was the most successful debut of smart watches in the world.

Apple clearly hoped for more. The rich also cry.

What did you expect

To summarize the 2-hour event will not. At the end of the article is the video.

Guesses about “what is declared” has escalated as soon as the lucky ones who received an invitation to the press conference reported it. Prestigious indeed, anybody not invited!

About the iPad Pro (wait for the monster presentation) somewhere already knew. New iPhone models could have predicted even graduate from kindergarten up to the title, and just calling the system-on-chip inside the expected new products. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple A9.

And the monster iPad Pro – Apple A9X. Also guessed.

Longed, but never hoped to see a new Apple TV. Which had not been updated since 2012.

About the new straps and rose gold color of the Apple Watch have not guessed by anybody.

During the long years of coexistence with the Apple crowd very well have studied the company, and the service is “loyalty” to Apple, it seems, could not cope with the leak prevention. Not a single unfortunate prediction I have not heard (must have been, but neither then nor now I did not see them).

Failed to predict only one thing: a vigorous offensive tone of statements. However, Jeff Williams, Vice President of operations (December 2015 has been appointed chief operating officer of the company, COO, becoming the second top-Manager of the company), was somewhat depressed. Perhaps, I thought. Jeff talked about the Apple Watch, watch OS 2 and 10,000 applications for this system in the App Store.

Jeff was grim, the news was positive, maybe it was intended.

iPad Pro – the most powerful, most advanced and most tablet tablet in the world. It’s not a tablet, and the future of personal computers.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – the-most.

Apple TV – future of television. In television stagnant for decades is the same, and here came the incredibly advanced “fruit” and…

Future TV applications. Therefore, tvOS (fourth operating system Apple) App Store for the Apple TV, and the first program for him.

Announced the release date of iOS 9, which each day were appreciated by the audience more – it’s time for her to face reality and get dirty. He is also the very best.

I liked it. Great show. Statement on the five plus. About the rest later.


(Duration 02:19:44)

Pleasant viewing.

To be continued

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