Series Galaxy S10 comes with three phones.. one of them at a low price

Just days after the emergence of a new diversion indicates that the series phones Galaxy S10 coming next year will come divided to four phones and one of them supports Internet Technology latest 5G, we have semi-confirmation that peace will come to three phones at least after the leaking of the names of all the models of them.

The names of the new models are SM-G970 and SM-G975 and SM-G973, and before you think that these titles don’t mean much, it’s not true that titles mean a lot to about series Galaxy S10 expected from Samsung.

Often refers to SM-G970 to the Galaxy S9 and includes the SM-975 to Galaxy S10 Plus where to date named Samsung phones confirms that they carried the Galaxy S9 model name SM-G960 at the same time carry Galaxy S9 Plus the name of the SM-G965 the same before with phones S8 so we can be assured now that the Galaxy S10 Plus is coming as the present and the past.

Include to that the second phone that bears a lower number in the model name will be the second phone which will be priced cheaper than other phones and is the first time that this happens. According to the leaks the phone the cheaper it will be in the back with one to be the Galaxy S10 with two cameras Galaxy S10 Plus three cameras in the background.

Of course, having a phone is the third in the series of large will be welcome news for many, especially if it was affordable even with features less where it will enter a new category to own phones safety is the largest Samsung.

And the absence of a special model phone supports the fifth generation, it does not mean the advent of the telephone this feature, it is possible to resort to Samsung to use the same model name but with the simple addition for the phone, which will have the advantage of connecting to the fifth generation soon from Samsung which could be the models an additional of the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy 10 Plus, or both.

The Samsung has revealed the Galaxy Note 9 last month which comes what is the best of the technologies the company also used the company in October to reveal new things.

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