Series phones Galaxy A Series 2019 may include cameras, according to a new report

Triple Camera Galaxy

Usually what keeps companies like Samsung high end features for its smart phones flagship like the Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series. However, if the content of the report that we got today are true, it appears that Samsung may bring some features of its high-end smart phones available.

Detection report of the New South Korean company Samsung is preparing to bring a camera background of the tripartite to the series phones Galaxy A Series, which you know everybody has that she belongs to the medium category. Of course, this is very interesting due to the fact that Samsung does not have any Smart Phone with a camera, three at the moment, although there are rumors indicating that the Galaxy S10 coming in year 2019 may featuring this advanced camera.

In addition to the included camera three in the series phones Galaxy A Series-2019, this report says, further, that the company Samsung might consider include sensor fingerprint in the screens of these smart phones also. As we have said, these features are usually reserved for the leading, but maybe you’re trying Samsung to make smartphones more attractive to consumers.

With a lot of Chinese companies that are launching smart phones at affordable prices, we believe that the competition will become increasingly hotter and therefore the camera triple sensor and a fingerprint built-in screen can be what it takes for Samsung to maintain its competitiveness.


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