Series phones Galaxy S10 Series start receiving a new update in many regions around the world

Galaxy S10+

Samsung has started issuing a new update to the Galaxy series S10 Series, including Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e, which is the update that to the structure of the operating system in these phones to version G97*FXXS3ASH1 and brings with IT security fixes for the month of August.

This new update has a size of 100 MB, this means that it is not a major update too, so don’t expect to get any new features except for security fixes for the month of August above. And apparently, it’s being release this update in about 20 countries, including Romania, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Italy, and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Of course, this update will work its way to the rest of the world in the coming days and weeks, so don’t worry.

Overall, this update may take some time before it reaches your phone, but in case if you can’t wait and looking forward to get this update in the near future, you can check the availability of this update for your device manually by going to Settings App ” Settings ” and go after that to the option of About Device ” About Device“, and after that to the option System Updates ” System Updates “.

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