Series phones Huawei P40 Series will arrive with +WiFi 6, according to a new report

Huawei P40 Pro

Expected to reach series phones Huawei P40 Series in the month of March next, and in case if the report, which rose recently from China is true, you’ll see the lineup for Huawei P40 Series up with a standard +WiFi 6 developed by Huawei itself for its phones leading the new.

The same report also indicates that Huawei will announce a rotter Cars New used standard +WiFi 6 new, in day 24 of the month of February. And even then, it is still not clear to what extent it will be +WiFi 6 best of WiFi 6, which is the standard that we currently find in the composition of the two Galaxy Note 10 Series and Galaxy S20 Series from Samsung.

Said one of the executives in the company Huawei that smartphones equipped with the technology +6 WiFi can reach the theoretical speed of of 1200 Mbps, but in reality, I only got to 900 Mbps. This is slower than the phone Huawei Mate 20 announced by the Chinese company in 2018.

We’ll have to wait until next Monday to see if the report is true, and if so, will we get more details about the standard +WiFi 6 new at the time.


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