Series phones Xiaomi CC9 Series will be released officially on the second day of the next month


Series new smartphones coming from the company Xiaomi will get the name of the Xiaomi CC Series with the knowledge that the CEO of the Chinese company, Mr. Lei Jun had confirmed to us last week that this series will be addressed in the foundation for young creators. It is now expected to reach the phone first in a series of phones Xiaomi CC Series in the second day of July next under the name of Xiaomi CC9.

Has been published officially in the official account of the company on the social network of Chinese Weibo by posting an image of the state on the boundaries of the official announcement which revealed to us that it will be held in the capital of China, Beijing.

We don’t have official confirmation on anything yet, but we expect to see the phone equipped with three cameras at the back with rotary mechanism similar to Phone Asus Zenfone 6 from Asus which allows using this camera triple capture images and videos power. While make sure that your phone first will get the name of the Xiaomi CC9, there’s a chance to carry a second phone in this line the name of the Xiaomi CC9e knowing that he was already monitoring the phone Xiaomi CC9 in the promotional announcement with a cut in the screen.

Late last week, revealed to us the chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun to subsequent CC in this series means ” colorful and creative | Colorful & Creative“, and it has been the development of this power by the group Chic & Cool 90. Furthermore, it was explained by Mr. Lei Jun as well that the number 9 in the name symbolizes the age of 9 years. This is not the first time that Xiaomi company name of one of its smart phones to celebrate its birthday, it has already done the same thing before when planning to Xiaomi Mi7 police jumped directly to Xiaomi Mi8 in the past year.

Will be series phones Xiaomi CC Series is the company’s second brand after all of the Xiaomi Redmi Series and the Xiaomi Mi Series. This will be the behavior is different, has been designed by art students and aims to keep the youth. Aims team Chic & Cool 90 table first, which may mean that the series phones Xiaomi CC Series would be less impressive in terms of technical specifications.

Mr. Lei Jun as well that young people have the desire to be noticed and heard them, they love to take pictures and share the beauty with everyone. It will be a phone new concept of a new aesthetic, which combines gear advanced cameras and technology. Likely to be a different way of saying that Xiaomi will be using more filters, collective and artificial intelligence to improve the sound because these features have been very popular in China.


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