Series reviews solutions to the Smart Home (4): Homey the mind of email management extensions your smart home experience with the system Nanoleaf lighting

We present to you in this article, Your Homey as well as system Nanoleaf part of a series of reviews of smart home solutions.

سلسلة مراجعات حلول المنزل الذكي (4): Homey عقل إلكتروني لإدارة ملحقات منزلك الذكي وتجربة مع نظام Nanoleaf للإضاءة

Dealing with these changes a review for Homey to manage extensions for the smart home, as well as a review for intelligent lighting NanoLeaf as an example of one of these accessories that can be used with this intelligent system.

The beginning I need to clarify here that Homey is not one of the accessories that you add to your home’s advantages or smart features, but it is simply a small computer the size comes in an attractive image and design every detail including the method and use it very carefully as the interface that you use to manage and deal with all the accessories of the smart home your home. More precisely, I don’t sing you this product about accessories Multi, which we cover in this series of reviews, but it works in conjunction with it to learn all these products in tune and be able to you, the user, control it all in a smooth manner and linked to each other.

How the system works Homey’s?

System communicates Homey with all the accessories of the smart home in your home, the system supports more than 50 thousand different products from those organizations on the abduction of categories, and can communicate with those accessories through wireless communication technologies, many supported by the Homey from the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the technique of ZigBee, the technology of Z-Wave as well as الInfrared and then the user can control all of these smart accessories at his house and manage them through the interface using the uniform without the need to control them separately, In addition to the possibility of the design of the connected set of orders include several products and a clever one at a time which we’ll cover later.

Exterior design and use:

Comes the Homey contemporary design striking in terms of modernity and innovation, is a ball of white the terms of the illuminant variable colors circled in the middle. Makes the modern design of the product is extremely used in the subject clear in the product adds to the aesthetic appeal of the modern.

A control system can Homey, and then all the extensions for the smart home that are related in your home, through the application of smart phones, your Internet browser, or through the voice commands that the device can listen to it permanently during the symposium in a way quite similar to the way we communicate with the digital assistant Siri in Apple phones.

Value added system:

The first question to my mind is, if you already have the products and accessories of intelligent house, why do I need this system? The answer lies simply in that, in the presence of tens of thousands of smart accessories is actually available for domestic use, keeps the communication and synchronization between these products is very limited. It is not just at the point of controlling all the smart accessories, but it also extends to being accessory to the smart home from different companies to use the standards of different wireless for download and check out, there is no obvious way currently allows you to, for example, lighting intelligent lamp is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi at the same time running a music file to hear the clever use Bluetooth, Here Comes the role of this house, Homey.

Uses Homey preparation process is simple, automatic in many cases, to get acquainted with all smart accessories available in your house. Choose the setup process vary according to the product to be added to the system, which can also communicate with the television sets and libraries that devices use remote traditional IR for the remote.

After you have added all the products and accessories available in your house, you can set up what you call the company work space or Flow, and simply orders a vehicle connected to each other can be automatically activated at specific times of the day or on the order of the user. As an example, you can set the path to create the situation in your house to watch a movie in the evening so that says Homey to immediately hear the command “I want to watch the movie” shut down all the lights that it controls in your home, run the air conditioner, turn on the television, the operation of the system of digital broadcast of your choice, such as the receiver or Apple TV or others as well as closing the curtains smart if you had them, and so applies the same example to all similar cases. You can also check to activate any of these commands at a specific time of day on a daily basis.

The company added further valuable feature to the system is the possibility to broadcast audio to your speakers wireless, or wired in your home, making it possible to set a voice command for example, the system when you hear it automatically turn on list your favorite music on all headphones the house with the lights on, etc.

Sold system Homey at the price of 300 euros is available for sale online as well as through some distributors in the Arab region.

سلسلة مراجعات حلول المنزل الذكي (4): Homey، عقل إلكتروني لإدارة ملحقات منزلك الذكي وتجربة مع نظام Nanoleaf للإضاءة

Intelligent lighting system: Nanoleaf

The longer the Nanoleaf is one of the lighting solutions smart home that you can control it remotely via your mobile phone or through compatibility with a system like the homie above. Come a range of smart bulbs in the image of a bunch of tiles and lighting available in square or triangle according to your desire. The facilities that the bulbs with the Houses of the modern character, where it can be used in the decoration of your home, and feature ease of installation as well as the possibility to re-arrange them or change the output format easily.

The group consists of 4 or 9 pieces depending on your need, can be arranged in any format or arrange the Wants of the user, and the network to the internet is controlled through touch, voice commands, as well as smart home applications such as system Homey, the ones Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant.

Add bulbs unlimited number of different colors which can be tuned to configure the specific form or of the work of visual effects is variable continuously, and enables synchronization with any music file or audio or audio accompanying the film to an atmosphere of visual effects to the room where the speakers or your TV at home.

سلسلة مراجعات حلول المنزل الذكي (4): Homey عقل إلكتروني لإدارة ملحقات منزلك الذكي وتجربة مع نظام Nanoleaf للإضاءة

Through the application of LIFX design combinations of shapes, overlapping colors as well as animation animation the colors of the nested variable to include this widget in order to influence the war rolling that you chose using the app.

Available Nanoleaf at a price of US $ 119 for a set of 4 lamps, the price 229 USD group consisting of 9 lamps.

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