Service Amazon Audible books to read up for Apple

Within the event which was held yesterday Amazon unveiled about a lot of smart home products and of course plenty of devices for Echo but not that everything is lost, the company also announced on the news maybe matter million hours Apple Watch.

As is evident in the title of the news was announced to the Amazon for access to its famous reading books known as Audible on the Apple Watch smart where users will be able to listen to their favorites on their smart watches.

New feature supports the synchronization, for example, you can start listening to the book on faith and the cost of fish on the coast and vice versa and remember Amazon I sync the book to the former may take some time but once you finish that you’ll be able to area the book across the coast or even across the sky associated with without the need of the phone.

The new feature is available now, just make sure that you have the latest version of the application Audible.


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