Service Amazon Music grow at a faster pace than Spotify, according to a new report

Amazon Music

At the moment, think Spotify is a service most popular musical in the world. Apple is trying to catch up, and the last we heard is that they have about 60 million subscribers. However, it seems that the Black Horse in the market of music services is now working to quickly catch up, and two black in this case is service Music Amazon Music, he has revealed to US newspaper The Financial Times that the service of Amazon Music grow very quickly.

The report calls issued from the press above to the service of Amazon Music has grown by about 70 percent in 2018, that having her for about 32 million subscribers. And, of course, is still far from the likes of Spotify and the Apple Music service, but assuming she was able to maintain its growth, you must follow the steps of the competition very quickly. The report adds that Spotify itself is growing at a slower rate of 25 percent per annum.

Service Amazon Music arrived to the market quite late compared with other services, it has been released officially in the year 2016 only. As is the case with the Apple Music service, the service of Amazon Music benefit from the large customer’s base which is owned by the Amazon company already through products like smart speakers Amazon Echo Series. It also appears that services Amazon Music successfully curry favor with older users, with 14 percent of participants in service for about 55 years or older unlike service Spotify, which owns only 5 percent of participants aged 55 years or older.

According to the head of service, Amazon Music, Mr. Steve Boom, it has stated by saying : ” We are not fighting for the same customer like anyone else. To inform the industry, its full potential, we can’t just look at children between the ages of 15 and 22 years old. “ There are reports that Amazon plans to launch a new version of the service Amazon Music provide songs in high quality. It also reportedly plans to launch a new range of smart speakers that the voice high quality.

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