Service Amazon Music has become now offer the free ad-supported users

Amazon Music Unlimited

If there is a reason why service Spotify dominate the landscape in the market of music services, it is because they offer users a free plan supported by ads. This means that users can listen to songs on the service for free if they don’t have mind listening to ads every now and then. This is unlike the services of other musical like the Apple Music service which offers the possibility to use the service for free during the first three months just before requiring users to pay to continue to use the service.

Now it seems that Spotify are about to receive some competition from Amazon. In fact, I’ve announced Amazon recently announced that it will launch a free plan supported by ads on a service Amazon Music. In the past, it was the only way through which you can listen to the service Amazon Music is by either getting a member of Amazon Prime or subscribe to a service Amazon Music Unlimited, but now that is no longer required, it has become possible for users just to register and start listening to the songs.

However, although the service became free, they suffer from some limitations, just as is the case in the service of Spotify. According to Amazon, the free ad-supported service Amazon Music will only the best playlists and stations, which means that if you want to more than a song or album On Demand, you’ll have to pay for this privilege.

However, this is not necessarily a bad deal if you don’t mind to organize the songs for you, like a radio. If you are wanting to switch from the free service, Amazon Music, head to the official website of the service web site for details.

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